Love Is In The Air! These Alternate Valentine’s Day Boxes Are Our Fave Of The Season!

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Living in the drop dead gorgeous city of Delhi, you know falling in love is second nature! And if you’re someone who’s already in love then visiting malls must no longer attract you this V-day. So, what if you could go simple this year and not worry about the hassle of planning an elaborate getaway? Intrigued?

While searching for the perfect gift to send to our loved ones on 14th, we came across an awesome brand!! And we’re so stoked to tell you more about it.

Purple Bow beautifully translates love into the simple yet, romantic gift boxes that never grow old. So, if you know someone who deserves an exceptional gift, then we suggest you look no further!

Many of their gift boxes are filled with chocolates, scented candles and everything that an old romantic would love to gift. But in three simple words, if we had to describe them, they would probably be – Elegant, Intimate & Warm.

But, you know what, it’s not just the gifties inside that translates into love. With fun pops of colours in every inch of the box, tied using beautifully cut bows and finished with finesse – the boxes are simply gorgeous. And guess what? They come in many varieties.

You can choose from – Bomb-Bae, Sugar Pop, Secret Crush, Mali-Boo, Honey Buns & Love Affaire among others. Basically, everything you need to get a resounding “YES” this V-Day, they have got it!! And if you’re sensible enough to keep it simple and real, then this is the most special way to keep happy your special someone.


Ps. Purple Bow has a new concept for you to dive into!! With each of their new boxes comes a beautiful fern – one that describes your love – an eternal love for your special one that will continue to grow as you nurture it along with your relationship!!

So, without further, ado check out their website or Instagram page rn and start shopping ya’ll!

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