*Jaw Drops* 114 Types Of Momos!! And We’re Already Losing It!

*Jaw Drops* 114 Types Of Momos!! And We're Already Losing It!

Where | A-1/326, Near Ayodhya Chowk, Sector 6, Rohini

Price For Two | INR 350

What if we told you that there’s a place in town that serves Maggi momos? Better yet, how about a momo burger? We bet, nobody has EVER told you about this and we’re cringing at the fact that you still haven’t tried it!

Photo Courtesy | Rajiv Bansal

Variation Momo’s King is just one of those retreats into the foodie belly of Delhi you can’t ignore! From veg. momos to paneer momos and Maggi momos to mix veg momos – these guys are simply brilliant. You can have any of these momos fried, steamed or even tandoor-ed!! And that’s not it guys. Have you ever tried cocktail momos? Well, guess what? These guys prepare the most delicious Maggi and Classic Paneer Cocktail Momos!

Photo Courtesy | Sugandha Aneja

The good people here at Variations Momo’s Kings have come out with a brand new menu! And, trust us, their Honey Bunny and Green Chilli momos are an absolute bomb.

So, the next time you’re heading to Rohini, YOU BETTER CHECK OUT THIS PLACE FOR AN EVENING SNACK!

Facebook Page | http://bit.ly/2wgYIWr

Cover Image Courtesy | Fashionate Foodie

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