This Movie For The Horror Nights Will Give You Goosebumps!

Horror and paranormal activity, both are some intriguing topics of discussion. You know you’ll end up waking up all frightened at 3 in the night, but who cares? Isn’t it fun? Sharing ghost stories and scaring the hell outta friends. If you’re someone who is done with watching all the Hollywood and Japanese horror and thriller movies under the sun, its time you see this. ‘The Final Letter’ is here to become your nightmare.

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What To Expect?

Directed by Ketan Sharma and Sahil Ahuja, this movie is a story of an innocent girl who was living a lie her whole life. The truth was waiting to come out for years and finally, she is prepared for her revenge and drag her away with her forever to the other side! Sounds interesting right?

What You’ll Love?

This is the first exclusive screening of the film The Final Letter so don’t worry about the spoilers.

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Bottom Line

Get out of your homes, take your gang along and make your Sunday Freaky Nights awesome! We dare you!

When | 3rd February 2019, 5:00 PM- 6:00 PM

Where | Studio Safdar, Shadipur

Trailer | Watch Here

Price | Free!

Register | Here

Location | Here

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