Ghaziabad Gets It’s First BBQ Bike Called Sholay BBQ Bike!

Where | C Block Market, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad

Price For Two | INR 200

Facebook Page |

So, how cool would it be if you could hog piping hot food straight from the BBQ grill? Pretty amazing right? Hey, did you know these guys have a BBQ grill on their bike? And you know what’s really cool? The name of the brand is – Sholay The BBQ Bike and we’re slowly gravitating to its delicious food!!

Touted Delhi’s first BBQ bike, you can find these guys selling hot stuff in the middle of the road. And what’s really crazy is their pure love for Sholay the movie, ’cause evidently, the entire ambience of the bike suggests nothing but that!

So, getting to the main point. THE FOOD! These guys dish out both veg and non-veg items and promise the most drooling good live BBQ experience. From chicken tikka to paneer tikka and other such street food items, their menu is not just delicious but also affordable! As they very specifically mention that everything here can be had for less INR 100!

Pretty amazing, right? Well, come say hi!!

Images’ Courtesy | Sholay The BBQ Bike

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