Get Painless Piercing Done In Kamla Nagar And Say Goodbye To Your Fears!

Get Painless Piercing Done In Kamla Nagar And Say Goodbye To Your Fears!

Where: Jewellery Hut, Near the Bada Gol Chakkar (Prem Studio street), Kamla Nagar

When: 12:30 pm to 8 pm (Closed on Monday)

Have been wanting to get your ear/nose pierced but cannot think of bearing the pain? Well, fret not! Now you can easily cross getting pierced off your bucket list because this man in Kamla Nagar is known for his ‘Painless Piercing’ methods!

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Yas! You heard that right! now you can get your ear, nose, eyebrow or navel pierced in the most painless fashion!

Ajay, the owner of the shop has been a piercing artist for the past 25 years now, and will always be found surrounded by customers, awaiting their turn. With his level of expertise, comes a fine hand in the craft, that makes the entire ordeal a cake walk!

He has some tips and tricks up his sleeves, and before you know it the piercing is done, with a stud or ring in!WOAH!

Besides piercing, you can get an interesting array of accessories at his store. He also specialised in something known as ‘Ear Pasting’.

Ear Pasting is a non-surgical way of fixing an elongated earlobe piercing. That is not all, he even has a range of silver and costume jewelry from – studs, danglers, jhumkasto stones that you can pick and instantly get pierced in.

Just how great is that!

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