Manage Your Wedding-Guest List! Delhi Government To Keep a Limit On It

The wedding season is on and would continue till February! All those who are getting married or hosting a wedding must be busy delivering wedding cards to your lovable guests, right? But, careful before you invite because the Delhi Government is discussing on matters concerning the number of guests invited on a Delhi wedding and would probably put a limit on your wedding guest list.

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Though there is no official statement up till now however the government is nearly ready with a plan so we thought of alerting you in advance so that there are no sudden surprises for you. However, there won’t be a uniform cap on the number of guests, the government plans to set separate limits for different locations.

The plan also includes collecting fines for wastage of food and water at these events, penalizing farmhouses and reception halls that turn out to be a traffic nightmare for commuters using the roads that are near to the venue. The meetings have been regular since December and the amount of fine to be collected will be finalized in a few more meetings before the plan are formalized which is to happen very soon.

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