These Are The 3 Authentic Korean Restaurants In Paharganj That You Should Defo’ Try!

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Paharganj is the unexplored gem of the city Delhi and this place plates up a variety of mouth-watering Korean food and it’s delicacies. Korean cuisine is one of the upcoming dining trends in the city. This cuisine has evolved through centuries of political and social change and this cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables and meat. To get the appetizing Korean dishes visit these authentic Korean restaurants in Paharganj now!

1. The Shim Tur

In the bustling narrow lanes of Paharganj, this cafe offers everything that is light on your pocket and heavy on your taste buds. Cham Chi Bi Bim Bop and Soya Chicken are a must try here.

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2. K2 Restaurant

If you love Korean food then this is a Hip and Happening place in Paharganj that plates up some delish authentic Korean dishes. Cravin’? Head to this place now!

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3.Wow Cafe

This Cafe is on the main bazaar road of Paharganj that caters to all the Asian and the Korean food lovers. This cafe serves lip smacking Korean breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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