5 Book Markets In Delhi Every DU Fresher Must Know About!

Getting into college? We curated a list of book markets in Delhi that sell books for cheap and also offer guide books and old exam papers. Yet there are book markets in Delhi that sell second books for as low as 25 bucks! So, check out this list of book shops in Delhi that sell second-hand books for throwaway prices!

30 Second Window:

  • First-hand books are costlier than what most people would imagine it to be & therefore, inaccessible to most.
  • So, we thought of taking this opportunity to collate a list of book shops that sell second-hand books at marginally low prices!
Nai Sadak, Chandni Chowk

Nai Sadak is an old Delhi favourite for all bookworms. With shops on both sides of the street selling second-hand books, many shops here are a haven to all who wish to buy second-hand books! And the best part? Even if you buy a first-hand book here, it will cost you next to nothing. In fact, there are numerous shops here selling stationery items at a wholesale price. Nai Sadak will never disappoint you & will always fulfill all your academic needs.

Average Price For Book: INR 200

Kamla Nagar Market

A bubbling hot spot for all DU students, Kamla Nagar Book Market has a plethora of book shops that sell both first hand & second hand books. Almost all the shops here sell books in the DU curriculum. This also makes it one of the most convenient and popular hang zones of DU students who love reading!

Average Price For Book: INR 200 – 350


Daryaganj is one of the most loved & biggest book shopping binge area of Delhi! And they not just have academic books here – the shops – but also a plethora of other novels that you can read! Famous for its Sunday Book Market or the Kitaab Bazaar, books of all genres are available here at throwaway prices. They even sell books per kg!

Average Price For Book: INR 200

Bargain Book Store

The name of the shop is enough to tell you that this place sells first & second hand books at throwaway prices! And the best part about this place is that the prices here change according to the season, which means that they have different discount rates every season! Also, here, if you give back the book they allow to knock down the price to half! College books, novels & poems – they have it all!

Average Price For Book: INR 250

Paharganj Market

Famously known as the backpackers’ ghetto, the book bazaar in Paharganj consists of books from the college curriculum to novels & other books that you might require for further reference! Needless to say, the variety of books available here is large. One of the shops here, Jackson Book Shop is the place to be.

Average Price For Book: INR 200

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you visit all these book markets to get your college curriculum books and pass your exams with flying colours!

But in the meanwhile, also do check out other book markets such as Ber Sarai for more guide books!

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