Craving Golgappas? Time To Go All Drools With 12 Tangy Golgappa Flavours At This Food Joint In Janakpuri

Know It All In 30 Seconds

It’s time to satiate your golgappa yens ‘coz this food corner in Janakpuri is rolling out 12 types of flavour’d golgappa waters to give a blast of tastes in your mouth.

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What To Expect?

Chatkara Wale, Janakpuri is plating up the crunchiest Ambala-special golgappas with six types of waters daily. While five of these flavours remain the same, the sixth flavour changes every day. You gotta rush here all the seven days of the week to buzz on the sixth phuchka dose of each day. Well, five each day and the special seven sum up to twelve drool-worthy flavours.

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What You’ll Love?

The flavours like earthy jeera, zippy hing, spicy pudina, piquant rai wala pani and zesty lemon keora will entice you to munch on more. These are the five appetizers served all days of the week. The sixth add ons are orange, rose, pineapple, green apple, guava and many more.  Also, don’t forget to try the stuffed golgappas– the quirky olio of dahi, masala, bhel and dry fruits. The 6-pani golgappas cost ₹30 per plate out here, while 5 stuffed golgappas are given away at ₹40.

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Bottom Line

Gather your golgappa gang and tuck into these golgappa flavours with every bit of gusto!

Where | Chhoti Subji Mandi, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi

When | 4 P.M. to 11 P.M.

Price For Two | ₹100

Location | Here

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