This Bar In Cyber Hub Is Serving Cocktails Based On Zodiac Signs!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Everything about astrology is so very exciting. Getting a small peek into the future sounds fascinating in itself. If you’re one astro-fan, you’ll love these interesting cocktails based on zodiac signs!

What To Expect?

Just like your zodiac signs say a lot about you, so does your go-to cocktails. These guys have collaborated with  Woodstock Witch and have come up with this uber-cool idea of ‘Your Spirit Guide’ wherein they’ll be serving some heady cocktails inspired by your zodiac sign.

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What You’ll Love?

For the fire Signs, they curated cocktails with cinnamon, rosemary, cumin, scented with Citruses, hot spices, cedar which is just perfect for your fiery soul and mind! To let the water signs stay cool and hydrated they’ve cocktails made with cardamon, lotus, willow, scented with Myrrh and vanilla. For the earth signs, they’ve cocktails with pomegranate, maple, clove-scented with vetiver to keep you attached to your roots. For air signs, they’ve cocktails with ingredients like almond, linden, fern and lots more. 

Bottom Line

What’s your zodiac sign? Whatever it may be, just sip it away!

When | 8th December, 7 PM

Where | The Drunken Botanist, DLF Cyber Hub

Price for Two | ₹2,000

Location | Here

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