Earn The YouTube Fame! Get The Hang Of YouTube The By Hittin’ This Workshop In Town!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

We are very well aware that YouTube has become the major hype between youth. If your mind can sketch ideas easily then YouTube is perhaps the best thing you can do to yourself. Well, we’re calling out your names loud as YouTuber Program is making its way to play with the fabrics of your mind!

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What To Expect?

This program is especially up for all the young minds out there who can learn the art of YouTubing with this amaze-balls workshop in the Beehive, Gurgaon. From the aspect of brainstorming of ideas to publishing the final content, this workshop will help you to broaden the scope of your mind.

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What You’ll Love?

This mini-workshop will talk about the ;

  • Turn ideas into videos.
  • Learn tools, tactics, channel art, supporting software and content creation.
  • Shoot, Edit, Publish and more.
  • BE SAFE! Get handy tips on YouTube Safety.
  • Start your own YouTube channel.

Bottom Line

So go ahead and explore the world full of talent!

Where | The Beehive, Gurgaon

When | June 17, 11 AM

Tickets | Here

Price | ₹5295

Location | Here

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