Youth Ki Awaaz & International Labour Organisation Are Hosting #FutureOfWork In India!

Youth Ki Awaaz

With 2017 almost a month down, it’s that time of the year when even the Central Government starts evaluating its budget & other policies. One of the many problems in corporate India today is the drastic ratio of women to men employees, which many believe is the root cause behind harassment in India’s work places. On a daily basis we forget the little things in life that later lead to mishaps in the work environment. And now it’s time we reevaluate the working spaces in our country!

It would shock you if we told you the ratio of women to men employees in the big organisations around the world! Scratch that! Look at India, look what happened in Bangalore! This event may be on workplace conditions in India, but look at the bigger picture! If you can promise your sister(s) that you will always protect her, is your fellow woman employee any different? How much longer is India going to take to improve upon the rather disappointing working conditions in the corporate sector & otherwise? Don’t just ask yourselves this question! Work on it! Rome wasn’t built in a day, & neither will the equal & just working conditions!

Dear friends, India like Rome, was an idea. An idea that would allow people of various cultures, genders, country, creed & everything to live under an equal & just set of laws. Laws ‘by, for & of’ the people!

Well, Youth Ki Awaaz along with International Labour Organisation is hosting a special panel discussion. The talk will be on three key aspects of India’s corporate sector.

30 Second Window:

  • The 3 sectors that will be touched upon during the talk are – women in the workforce, entrepreneurship & working conditions.
  • #FutureOfWork will host Industry Leaders, Experts & Entrepreneurs! In fact, we hear that even the Deputy Director of ILO Country Office for India, Sher Verick, will be speaking at the event!
  • While there you can catch up with other speakers like – Karuna Nandy (Supreme Court advocate) and Sarvesh Madhu Agrawal (CEO, Internshala). Don’t miss out on Nipun Malhotra (co-founder of Nipman Foundation to advocate for the rights of Persons With Disabilities) and many more.
  • The event will be at antiSOCIAL in Hauz Khas Village. So, if at all the heat gets too much to handle, just order a cold drink for that parched throat!

Youth Ki Awaaz

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you register yourselves today! The event is free but it would be prudent to have your name in the guest list!
  • Besides, entry is free, so learn a few tips, respect all at your workplace & chill in life! It’s easy to be a sceptic until things go wrong for you!
  • Youth Ki Awaaz has invited few other guest speakers. You can check out the list here.

By the way, ever heard of Epictetus? He was a Greek philosopher. Funny man with a certain love for life. Epictetus once very famously said –

People who fit in are like the white threads of a toga.

I wish to be that purple thread that makes everything else look beautiful & graceful.

Why then, he asked, do you ask me to be like the many?

And if do, shall I still be so purple?

If at all this makes sense to you, if you think you’re treated any different than others, rise! Rise till the jaws of those who laughed at you drop when they see you succeed!

Entrepreneurship in India took off a few years back & its surprising how people who do not wish to follow the prehistoric dogmas of the society are actually making a living out of their start ups! In fact, some of the biggest names in the various industries across the board are start ups & are slowly making a name for themselves!

So, get yourself registered here. And let learn a bit, live a bit & love a bit more! The event is a collaboration between Youth Ki Awaaz & ILO (India) in an effort to create better work places in various industries.

When: 21st January

Where: antiSOCIAL, Hauz Khas Village

Timings: 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

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