You’ll Either Love This Modern Upwas Meal Or Get Fat Hogging It IN ONE DAY!

Where | Too Indian, A 39, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden

When | 7th to 14th February

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Navratri is here and fasting has already begun for some people! Well, get over old recipes & take a bite of this modern take on Navratri meals. Basically, the flavours in each bite will be a literal food concert in your mouth & we’re too sure about everything here at Too Indian!

Shocked to see tacos in the menu? Well, we did warn you that you’ll either love it or get fat trying it! And we’re already feeling up our over bloated tummies!

Every single dish produced by Too Indian will be an ode to traditional meals made modern. So, while tacos aren’t Indian, the flavours in each bite will be. For example, the Palak Dolma is a beautifully flavourful rendition of the classic.

In fact, the soothing aroma of the spices, the smooth texture & crunchy overlay will become your favourite this Navratri.

So, if you’re bored of eating the same old dishes, hey, take your family & friends to Too Indian & get fat hogging!

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