You Shop, Eat & Dance At Dilli Haat But Do You Know Its History?

Where | Dilli Haat, INA

Dilli Haat was established jointly by Delhi Tourism, Government of Delhi, Ministry of Textiles & Ministry of Tourism. It opened its gates to the public in March 1994. In fact, unlike other such marketplaces, Dilli Haat is an open-air food plaza and craft bazaar.

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Dilli Haat sits on 6 acres of land – salvaged as part of a reclamation project and later transformed into a plaza. And unlike other traditional weekly markets, Dilli Haat is permanent. Additionally, one of the things that we love about Dilli Haat is its village-like feels.

The foundation work, small thatched roof cottages and kiosks give Dilli Haat a village atmosphere. In fact, while some shops are permanent, others are constantly rotated, usually every fifteen days.

In all, Dilli Haat has 62 stalls allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen. They pay a sum of INR 100 per day for a maximum period of 15 Days. Around 2003, Dilli Haat became fully wheelchair-accessible, including an accessible bathroom.

Over the years, Dilli Haat became a hub of crafts, music, dance and cultural festivals. Moreover, India’s first comic convention, Comic Con India was organized at Dilli Haat, INA, in February 2011.

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