You Might Not Be By The Waves But Ocean Street Café In Champa Gali Will Get You There

Know It All In 30 Seconds

If you’re out strolling at Champa Gali, then we know just the place for you! This themed cafe is like a breath of fresh air, with a good concept and an event greater ambience! So we suggest that you visit this new place and find out what you’ll love. AND yes, we are talking about the Ocean Street Cafe.

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What To Expect?

Yes, there’s a to here! Firstly, the ambience is pretty and cool, both. The decor includes mementos that’ll give you an oceany feel, like the ship where they place the books! The menu is elaborate and has a lot of options to choose from, which makes it a pretty good place to hang out with a date or your friends!

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What You’ll Love?

Other than the fact that the place is amazing, you’ll love their outdoor seating. There is a lot of good food, that is drool-worthy and a treat to your tummy! This includes the Sea Food Lover Pizza, Mexican Platter, Mango Panna Cotta in desserts and so much more! All we are saying is, that you need to visit this cafe soon to know yourself.

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Bottom Line

Out by the ocean, this is where the food must taste great!

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