Yay Or No Way? Check Out These 7 Weird Food Combos Found In Delhi!

If there was no experimentation when it comes to food, then we probably wouldn’t have some of the best dishes in the world. One of the growing experimentation trends looking up is that of combination food. While sometimes it is a necessity that gives birth to new combinations, other times it is simply for the will to try something different!

But would you as a food lover be willing to try some of these offbeat, weird food combos found in Delhi?

The Moburg
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We love momos, and we love burgers. To give your taste buds the best of both worlds, WOW Momos! is serving Moburg, the illegitimate but mouth-watering spawn of burgers and fried momos. It will surely leave you eating more!

Noodle Samosa
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Imagine delicious Chinese Shcezwan noodles, wrapped in a flaky samosa!  Is your mouth watering? we know ours is! This is one of the most commonly found combination food and to think of it, it’s not a bad jugaad if you don’t know what to do with leftover noodles.

Schezwan Dosa
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This is another wonderful example of India meets China! South India’s favourite dosa just got a makeover! If you are bored of the plain old masala dosa and say hello to Schezwan Dosa! It is the perfect combination of Chinese spices and flavours, with South Indian Authenticity!

Chocolate Pizza
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Imagine Dominos having Willy Wonka’s love child! That is what this cheezy, chocolatey pizza would be by-product of that! What better than this when you are starving AND craving something sweet!

Chocolate Momos
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After chocolate pizza come chocolate momos! When in doubt, just dip it in chocolate. That seems to be the motto here. It is the perfect dessert to end a perfect meal!

Chilli Ice-Cream
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This happens to be the best combination food that we have ever laid our hands on! An amalgamation of two contradictory substances, Chilli Ice-cream is a must try for everyone. The spicier each bite gets, the more you have it.

Paan Shots
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They say too much Paan can be bad for your teeth. I don’t doubt that. So how about drinking it instead? At Punjab Grill. you can get these digestive drinks made from betel leaves and milk. Another variety also has vodka in it.

So? What would you try first?

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