Yaba Daba Doo! This Cafe Called Flintstone In Gurgaon Serves 12 Inch Thin Pizzas!

Where | South City 2, Gurgaon

Price For Two | INR 400

Now, let’s get this right eh – 25 types of pizzas!! So, that’s the number of pizzas Flintstone in Gurgaon offers and each of them is cheesier than the last one. Besides using the fluffiest base for their pizzas, the delivery only restaurant also serves delicious shakes to chug down the grease!

Photo Courtesy | Pioneer Dad

Moreover, the pizzas you get from here are 12 inches, thin crust ones! Basically, they take away the ‘hunger’ from midnight hunger pangs. And we’re cheesy for more!

So, you know what we really love about these guys? They use homemade marinara sauce! Basically, as the pizza gets cheesier, it gets bloodier and tastier and unforgettably delicious. The packaging of the pizza is tough, so it traps the heat inside Рkeeping the cheese melting and almost orgasmic.

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