Rush To Your Nearest Wow Momo Outlet To Gorge On Their Exotic Tri-Coloured Momos This Independence Day

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Momo lovers out there! If you’re planning to hang out with your friends or fam this Independence week, don’t forget to have a sneak into the Wow Momo outlet that falls on your way ‘coz this good ol’ momo corner is rolling out some oh-so-delish, amazing tri-coloured momos to let you celebrate the vibrant spirits of freedom with all gusto!

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What To Expect?

These limited-edition Tiranga momos are crafted with colours borrowed from fresh veggies like spinach and carrot and contain no artificial flavours. So, if you’re a die-hard momo lover, this momo gotta be your best pick to cater to your health and tastes both at the same time.

What You’ll Love?

A mere look at these steamed delicacies will remind you of the national flag and will let you amp up your utmost patriotic vibes. And the pleasing aroma of its dumpings will allow you to free your cravings to the hilt.

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Bottom Line

Get your nationalistic spirits high with these mesmerizing tri-colored savouries!

Where | All Wow Momo Outlets in Delhi NCR

When | 14th Aug 2019 To 18th Aug 2019

Location | Here

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