Women Take The Roads And Stroll At Midnight! Join Them!


Ladies. Have you ever feared walking on the roads at night? Even if you’re accompanied by your girlfriends? We always hear our elders tell us to not walk alone at night or ask us if we are accompanied by boys. If you are against this thought process and want this to change, you’ve got to join these women who take on the roads at midnight!

An all women’s space where women venture around different parts of the city post-midnight to see, hear and feel our city at a time when most of us do not dare to be out. Each month, a different woman takes us around her neighborhood. The point of this event is pretty simple

They walk. Because… why not?

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What To Expect At The Event? 

This is not a fitness walk or walk for a cause. Its simply put – a stroll around the neighborhood. The women walk for 2 hours. So wear comfortable shoes and clothes that make walking easier.  You are encouraged to bring whatever makes you feel safe on the walk, be it a friend, a pepper spray or a flashlight. You can also take something to share – a poem, a story, a cake, music!

What You’ll Love About The Event? 

The best part about the walk is that nothing much happens on the walks… and yet, a lot happens. You get to meet different women, hear, see and smell the cityscape change over the two hours, they talk about safety, they share experiences, they encounter cops and auto walas and curious gazes and dropping jaws.

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Bottom Line

If you have been struggling to feel empowered, or even safe, we say walk. Walk with these women as they take over the city one neighborhood at a time!

When | Saturday, November 24, 2018, at 11:30 PM – 2 AM

Where | C R Park

Facebook Event | Click Here

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