This Open Mic In HKV Is Exclusively For Women, By Women. Tell Your Gang NOW!

Your girlfriends are your daily dose of therapy. Nothing beats a good time over drinks with the squad. Your WhatsApp group is filled with innumerable meeting plans but how often do you get to hang out? This open mic will sort all your meet up plans. What’s special about it? It is exclusively for women organised and performed by the women. Well, you get one night without any unpleasing remarks or stares. Go and enjoy womanhood!

What To Expect?

With its second edition, it is expected to be wittier and funnier. Women have always been told of not being funny enough. It isn’t always that women talk about makeup or shopping. There’s more to it and we know it. How wonderful it would be to listen to fellow ladies, share relatable fun stories about everyday life!


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What You’ll Love?

Jeeya Sethi, an improviser, a stand-up comedian and also the host of the show will make you laugh until you drop. Take along your moms, sisters, best friends and grandmoms and enjoy a night full of laughter.

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Bottom Line

Register before you go. There are limited spots ony.

Where | A Little Anarchy Films,  T-74, Hauz Khas Village

When | Friday, 18 January 2019 at 7pm

Price | Free

Register | Here

Location | Here

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