Wokaholics! This Restaurant In Punjabi Bagh Makes You The Chef Of Your Own Woks

Where | 15, North West Avenue, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh

When | 8th March 2018

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/woktowalkindia/

Recently, you must have found us gushing about Wok To Walk a lot! Well, for all those who followed us ardently must have realised that Wok To Walk is not your run-of-the-meal delivery and dine-in option.

How’re we so sure? Because they recently invited us to feast on their 3-step “Create your own” Asian meal at their new Punjabi Bagh outlet!

If it’s something quick & healthy you’re looking for, these 3 super-simple steps are all you need to follow:

a) Choose Your Rice/Noodles

b) Choose Your Ingredients & Toppings

c) Choose Your Asia Inspired Sauce

[Don’t forget to Choose Your Toppings]

…and voila! You’re all set!

Basically, every wok box is truly unique & a bucket-list experience!

But, you know what makes this better? If you wanna beat the heat, you can order a wok box – CREATED BY YOU – from home or work!!! Yes, that’s right! This outlet offers a delivery option as well!

Moreover, the live kitchen, peppy music, fun pops of orange & green kept things lively! Thanks to the swift & courteous staff, we were able to gorge on those delicacies within 5 minutes of placing the order! Talk about an energetic & fun experience every time you visit, right?!

So, the next time you’re in Punjabi Bagh or if you work there, we suggest you order yourself a wok-box! And you can thank us later!

Ps. Wok To Walk is offering an ‘Exam Buster’ deal to all students! Basically, you’ll get 15% discount across all outlets for the month of March! Hungry? Hey, us too!

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