Witness The India Craft Week: A Celebratory Platform For Craft Communities

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The rich cultural heritage and the art is something that makes India, what it is! Building this bridge between the skilled craft-people, independent makers, and contemporary brands is something that highlights the heritage even more. India Craft Week is at its best, doing the very same and getting us a glimpse of the beautiful craft!

What To Expect?

Joining hands with the British Council, Craft Village is a New Delhi based social venture with the focus to bring Artisan, Designer, & Luxury Brand on a single platform! The great part is that this brings a chance for you to explore stories untold. This Craft Week is a chance to give sustainable livelihood & exposure to Craft Communities post-pandemic!

What You’ll Love?

India Craft Week will also have cross-talks, workshops, installations, and Craft Cinema, other than the already existing exhibits! If you’re an art enthusiast and someone who enjoys the cultural heritage of craftworks, then you need to be here. This exhibit will take place from 18th February to 21st February! So, rush to look, what’s there and you’ll find for yourself.

Bottom Line

Immerse yourself in the crafting history with the India Craft Week!

Where| British Council and Bikaner House in New Delhi



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