Witness The Beautiful Meteor Shower At India’s First Astronomy Resort In Rajasthan!!

Where | Roopbas, Tehla, Rajasthan.

When | 13th December’17

Time | 3-4 hours (Approx)

Distance from Delhi | 203 km

Guyss!!! Geminids meteor shower is taking place next month on 13th December and we have a perfect place for you all to witness it. Given the capital’s weather condition, it’s next to impossible to even gaze at the stars. Take a short getaway to India’s first astronomy resort in Rajasthan. Wanna know more deets?

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Residing in the district of Alwar, Astroport Sariska is situated in one of the darkest spots in the country. Hence it becomes the perfect place for star gazing. This is your ultimate chance to see Milky Way through the night sky and see something really incredible. The resort has amazing camping facilities and other activities like village tours, camel safari, organic farm tours, yoga and aerobics.

The information on their website reads ‘Astroport in its larger view aims at providing employment or creating entrepreneurs in the field of astronomy. Astroports are fully equipped to execute these trainings and provide certifications that can be used later to earn a livelihood’.

If you love train journeys then there is a direct train from Delhi to Alwar but the best way to reach there is by road!

Just hop in your cars and drive away to the stars!

Read more from their website.

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