Savour On These 5 Wellness Bowls At Soul Pantry In Aerocity and Say Yes To A Healthy Lifestyle

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Keeping yourself fit in a lifestyle like today’s is quite a big challenge. Soul Pantry in Aerocity is where you need to head to for an earthy divine healthful meal. Dig into their wellness bowls and start your day with a delish spoon full of health.

What To Expect?

They have taken full care of your nutrition index. Freshen up your day with healthy and fresh ‘wellness bowls’. The refreshing nutrition bowls are treasures that are infused with the goodness of fresh ingredients, locally sourced greens and forgotten Indian grains. The bowls are not just delicious, but also extremely healthy because of the indigenous ingredients which are suited to the Indian climate.

What You’ll Love?

Its a complete meal in a single bowl that will take foodies by storm. Choose from 5 of their amazing wellness bowls:

  • Italian bowl made with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, pesto and walnuts
  • Feta bowl which is a vegetable salad has feta cheese and herb vinaigrette
  • Green bowl has fresh cucumber slices and fennel with spring onions and spicy french dressing
  • Nutritional bowl is an assortment of sprouts, onions and tomatoes topped with a hint of lime and fresh coriander
  • Artisan rice bowl is filled with puffed rice, jhal muri, peanuts, onion, tomatoes and lime

Along with these nutritious wellness bowls, you can order flatbreads, coffees, tea and much more at this eatery located at Andaz Delhi, best hotel in Aerocity.

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Bottom Line

Now you’ve no choice but to say yes to a healthy lifestyle with these flavourful bowls that are available at very affordable prices!

Where | Soul Pantry, Andaz Delhi, Gate No. 5, Asset No.1, Aerocity, New Delhi

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Location | Here

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