Weekend Event You Should Visit on 8th May for 8 Tempting Reasons “Not Your Average Gully”

not your average gully

Promising a high dose of quirk, the first-ever weekend event “Not Your Average Gully” is scheduled to take place on May 8. The event expects a host of people: the desi designer patakas, desi daaru ki tankis and the culture vultures. It aspires to break the clutter of mundane branding especially in the clothing area and looks to add a cultural and Indian touch. This started out as a social media concept by the Indian cultural hub and now after gaining popularity, is big enough to become a full-fledged event. They have plans of expanding the concept further as well.
Nevertheless, this event is unique and different and you should definitely spend your Sunday here because:

1.  A Different Yet Wonderful Treat for your Mom


The event takes place on 8th May which coincides with Mother’s Day as well. The attempt of this event to bring desi ethnicity back will remind her of the old gullies that existed in Chandni Chowk. She and you could also reminiscence over the fabulous material and embellishments the event has to offer.

2. The Indian way to Beat the Heat with Drinks


With an array of unique and fascinating drinks to offer, this event is going to satiate your thirst while you enjoy the aura of Old Delhi. The event has Imli Sangria and Kala khatta vodkas to offer along with a huge list of bar menu which is full of Indianised cocktails such as Moon on the beach, Kaffir Lime, Absolut thanda, Spice Gold etc.

3. Artisans at the Event Hope to Recreate the Old Charm


12 designers will be present at the event in which the visitors can choose their own kapda and embellishments and run to these designers to get them stitched. Getting such great people locally to do your stitching saves time on running to your local tailor and back. Also, they add a twist of quirk and desi-ness to the whole event which helps you to get transported back to the Old Delhi charm.

4. Readymade Stuff for the Busy Buyers

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like waiting around, the event has stuff to satisfy you as well. The event has a lot of beautiful and desi readymade stuff displayed in an open-air style gully. The mirrored skirts, polished jootis and the embellished and glittering trinkets will definitely want to make you buy them all.

5. Fabrics Sourced from the Most Authentic Places


For this event, fabrics that are to be used are sourced from everyone’s favourite destination, Nehru place; the borders and buttons are sourced from the best, Kinari place and the embroiders from Shahpur Jat will definitely add more authenticity to the event. Also, local and favourite tailors from Lajpat Nagar are scheduled to come for this event.

6. You Don’t Want to Miss the Beat


The event is being organised in the summer house café in Hauz Khas Village which is one of the trendiest places and is very popular for its music. If you are a music buff, the live DJ arranged for the event will make sure that you don’t miss a beat and are swaying your body to the music Indian-style.

7. Live Games to Up the Fun Quotient


The event has a scheduled musical tambola with songs on the ticket instead of numbers. Tambola is an age-old cultural game played in almost all picnics and kitty parties in India. Not your average gully looks to add more quirk and funk to the game one has played a million times.

8. Wipe Away your Weekend Woes


The event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, so, that one can keep a day from the weekend free to explore the rustic charm of the gullies of Old Delhi and sip on the innovative cocktails. This event will add the missing funk to your life with its brilliant line-up of activities.

Venue – Summer House Cafe, Hauz Khas

Timings – Starting from 12pm to 10pm

Pick your Gaddi or Ride in Metro, take a vrooooom to Hauz Khas this Sunday and give yourself or your fun loving and fun deserving mom to Not Your Average Gully – Hauz Khas.

not your average gully

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