Beat The Mid Week Blues With Some Mid Week Booze At This Bar In CP

The year has just begun and we’re already at awe that half the month just flew away. How stressful is that? We bet a lot! How would you like some good news? We see you smiling already. You know there’s food and you know there’s booze. Need more deets eh? Read on you crazy hustlers! Wednesday is about to become your favourite day of the week with Unlimited The Brake Free Bar!

What To Expect?

The middle of the week is when we are at our lowest spirits. We are on the constant lookout for something to cheer us up. So Unlimited Brake Free Bar took this opportunity and they are your guardian angels! They’ve got something you will not be able to deny. Every Wednesday of this month, you can enjoy the craziest deals for just INR 1500. There’s going to be unlimited booze. You did read that right! Don’t rub your eyes and be so dramatic. It’s really happening.

What You’ll Love?

Alright, alright! Here are the details. You get unlimited access to IMFL and 3 veg and 3 non-veg chef’s choice starters. All at only INR 1500. Yep. We can see you already dialling your best friends digits. Go ahead. Forward this to them and make plans already. Make this dreadful day a little easier to get through now that you know you have plans coming up.

Bottom Line

We’ve said all that there’s to say. The ball is in your court now! Swipe up and down on your phone complaining about how everyone’s lives are on a roll or go make your Wednesday cherishable.

When | Every Wednesday of January 2019

Where | Unlimited The Brake Free Bar

Location | Click Here

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