7 Fantabulous Web Series That You NEED To Binge Watch This Summer!

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Heya peeps! Summer has finally arrived and so has the scorching heat and we know y’all hate to leave the comfort of your bed and yet do something fun. In this gen of ‘Netflix & Chill’, we all have a world outside of the real world and that’s exactly where you gotta be.

We handpicked the best web series for all ya peeps who’re planning to spend their summer in their beds, with popcorn in one hand and coke in another (Bliss!). Check ‘em out fellas!

1. Made In Heaven

Just like they say it, marriages are surely Made In Heaven and it CANNOT get any better with this latest web series that goes by the same name. The show revolves around two people (Tara, a small town girl who did everything she could to score the big shots, and Karan, who is a gay and is struggling to pay his rents and hide his identity) who’re running a wedding planning agency and are always thrown up with challenges. From finding the runaway groom to hiring PI’s for the brides, these guys have got it all covered! Binge watch this one, and we’re sure you’ll be dying for the next season to stream just like us!

2. The Trip

A story of 4 girl besties who plan a road trip as a part of the bride’s bachelorette turns out to be an emotional roller coaster (a good one, we promise). Ananya, the bride-to-be seems happy but has some hidden truth which is constantly bothering her, Sanjana is super introvert because of her fatal past, Nazia is the boldest and unapologetically herself and super fun chic and Shonali is an amateur music composer who is yet to find her sound. With unlimited fun, drama and hawt dresses,  this series will keep you hooked up for sure!

3. Mirzapur

Money is power and power can fetch you anything and everything. This web series narrates the story of the city, Mirzapur and it’s people. Akhandanand Tripathi is a millionaire carpet exporter and don of the city and Munna, his son, an unworthy heir can go to any extent to inherit his father’s legacy. A fatal incident at a wedding forces him to cross paths with Ramakant Pandit, a loyal and duty freak lawyer, and his sons ( Guddu and Bablu). In the game of power, greed, and ambition, the city witnesses the worst scenarios. Let the drama begin!

Pro Tip: Keep your cold drink at a distance from your laptop, the gunshots might scare you (LOL!)

4. Queer Eye

While every other series is dealing with generally same issues, this out of the box series relies on the stereotype of gay men. Each episode basically features 5 queer men known as “Fab Five”, who are experts in matters of fashion, style, personal grooming, interior design, and culture. They basically perform a complete makeover for a man, which includes revamping wardrobe, advice on grooming, lifestyle, and food, and we can’t doubt the fashion sense of gay men (‘cause it’s on fleek ALL.THE.TIME). Now, how cool is that?
Don’t trust us, watch it and know for yourselves!

5. Stranger Things

As the name suggests, this series is all about super strange things happening in the lives of the characters. In the town of Hawkins, Will Byers suddenly goes missing and things start turning upside down. Joyce (Will’s mother), Jonathan (his brother), Mike, Dustin and Lucas (his friends) and Jim Hopper ( police chief) starts searching for him and finding clues that might lead to Will. In this mission, every clue leads to another weird thing making a supernatural trail.

To solve out the ultimate mystery, watch the series and let your curiosity lead you to the conclusion.

6. Ghoul

If horror is your thing and you dare to watch anything which is supernatural, then definitely watch this web series which is all about twisted plots & scary music ( keep the mute button handy!).

Nida Rahim ( a military officer), who is super loyal and is ready to do anything to cleanse the society for a better future has been given the challenge to interrogate Ali Saed (dreaded terrorist). However, the tables are turned when Ali reveals some of the dirty secrets of his interrogators and leave them all shook and amazed. Nida declares Ali to be possessed by some supernatural entity and that’s where it all begins!

So, if you guys can muster up the courage to watch this terrific series, give it a try!

7. YOU

For all ya peeps who are super hyped about thrillers, this series is defo gonna create quite a solid impact! Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager meets an aspiring writer Guinevere Beck and is immensely attracted towards her. But do you know what happens when love turns into an obsession? Not sure? Watch the show and you’ll know how far can a man for his obsessions!

So, fill up your popcorn tubs and grab some drinks ‘cause it’s time to binge watch this amazing series!

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