We Mean It, These Fine Dining Places Will Give You A Time To Remember For A Long While

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Nothing speaks a good time than having a good, elaborate meal with your family! And it feels good to jazz it up, once in a while. To help you with it, we have just the thing for you! Here’s a list of fine-dining places to try if you still haven’t!

1. Machan

This place has a great look to it, with a buffet system in the center! It is grand and everything you’d expect it to be. So, if you’re looking for something fancy, this is it!

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2. The Spice Route

Like the name suggests, they know their spices and flavors! The Spice Route has an authentic hand-painted decor, which is a delight to the eyes, and has Pan Asian Cuisines which are just yum!

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3. Orient Express

The European decor and the train-themed restaurant is just the beginning! They have European delicacies that you shouldn’t miss out on! If you’re here, then try the Sliced Chicken Supreme.

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4. Bukhara

This amazing and dazzling place has to be on your list! Bukhara is known for many things and The Dal Bukhara is on the top, and why shouldn’t it be? So, visit here for a good time!

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5. Wasabi By Morimoto

Why not mix things up a little? If you’re looking to try some good sushi and seafood, then this has to be the place for a wonderful experience! You should definitely try the Tempura Prawns.

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6. SET’Z

SET’Z is known for its decor, both interiors, and exteriors! This place has a gorgeous view of the city and gives a beautiful time. If you’re here then try the Kathal Mamra!

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Bottom Line

It’s good to spoil yourself once in a while with food!

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