Did You Know About This Phenomenal Water Laser Show That Happens In Akshardham Everyday?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Remember those days when your parents took a for a Dilli Darshan summer vacation. Re-kindle those old days by visiting this amazing water laser show in Akshardham temple. A little sprinkle in the scorching heat is always fun, isn’t it?

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What to Expect?

Every evening, as the sun sets, witness the magic of this beautiful sight as you see water dancing in colourful lights. The show is set amidst Yagnapurush Kundthat is surrounded by 108 shrines, a step-well and pool. It is considered as a replica of a ritual yantra that was used during the old Hindu ceremonies.

What You’ll Love?

The spectacular show goes on for 24 minutes and includes audio, video and laser lights. The yellow laser light gives an effect of fire and looks STUNNING!

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Bottom Line

This will definitely be a visual treat to your eyes. Keep your cameras handy!

When | every evening, 7:30 PM onwards

Where | Akshardham Temple, Noida Mor, Pandav Nagar

Price | ₹50 onwards

Location | Here

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