Want Your Jewellery To Tell a Story? This Brand Curates Handcrafted Jewellery From Around the World!

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That ring that you never want to throw out or that necklace that reminds of you of the one fond memory – every jewellery has a history. Amama handpicks such jewelleries with a history that tells the story of its existence and its maker, plus they offer some beautiful handcrafted home decor pieces as well – sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

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What To Expect?

Amama literally means Mother in Telugu – the owner remembers her mother’s long kept and adorned silver jewelleries while curating pieces for the brand – from every corner around the world, the brand personally buys and sells believing that the act of passing on a piece of jewellery is not simply a business transaction but is intimate.

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What You’ll Love?

More than the exquisite beauty that these jewellery pieces hold in itself, it is the conviction and the concept of this place that makes it stand out – the mere fact that every single jewellery has a different artist behind with a different story multiplies the beauty of the piece. You need at least one of these beautiful pieces, jewellery or home decor for these won’t just complete your outfit and home but make you smile each time you look at them!

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Bottom Line

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