Want To Try Some Delicious Kulhad Tangri And Rum Chicken Then This Is The Place For You

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Kulhad Chai, Kulhad Maggi, Kulhad Dal Makhni, and now it’s time for Kulhad chicken to get serve to your tastebuds a different flavour altogether from Gulati Chicken Hub in Rohini

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What To Expect

The place is not that fancy as it is just a roadside stall serving some great taste, you can drive through and take away your order And there are standing tables where you can have your order.

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What You’ll Love

Among many mouthwatering dishes you can order, the two fascinating dishes are their Kulhad Chicken, or Kulhad Tangri and Rum Chicken. Both have their own unique taste, and it’s a deal you’ll surely go GAGA over their taste and choice of spices.

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Bottom Line

If taste matter more than the place, we’re sure you’ll like this!


Where | Gulati Chicken Hub, Opp. Alok Bharti Public School, Sector 16, Rohini

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)

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