Want To Have The Tastiest Pak Choi And Other Vietnamese Cuisine? These 5 Places Are The Must Visits!

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Vietnamese food comprises of five fundamental taste in all the meals and every meal consist of one or more than one of those elements in the meal. And if you’re finding the best places to grab on some Vietnamese food, then head over to these 5 places!


1. Little Saigon

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Little Saigon is a kind of place that it need to have put on the top. The place serves even those kind of authentic Vietnamese dishes that you would haven’t even heard off and you can have ’em all without making a hole into your pocket.

Where | Hauz Khas

Price For Two | Rs. 1200 (approx.)


2. Rice

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This place comes under the fine dining experience and the place have some of those dishes that you won’t be able to find in any other restaurant’s menu. Do have their Braised Water Chestnuts and bamboo shoots!

Where | Radisson Blu Dwarka

Price For Two | Rs. 4000 (approx.)


3. Pho King

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Pho King is among the most popular place when it comes to Vietnamese and Asian food. From Boas to Vietnamese cold coffee, they have it all!

Where | Champa Gali

Price For Two | Rs. 900 (approx.)


4. Auntie Fung’s

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If you love some of the authentic Vietnamese dishes then this place can be the permanent address for the dish. Started by 52 year oldie from Vietnam, they have a variety of Asian and Malaysian cuisine but pho ( Vietnamese soup) stands as their star.

Where | Galleria Market

Price For Two | Rs. 1000 (approx.)


5. Asia Central

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Another Pan Asian restaurant situated in Shahpur Jatt. This place is popular for their Spicy Chicken Kothe, Lamb Rendang and Kung Pao Chicken, and the best part, it won’t hurt your pocket.

Where | Multiple Outlets

Price For Two | Rs. 1000 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Not from Vietnam but surely served you with love.


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