Want To Get Warm? Head Over To These 6 Places To Slurp An Amazing Bowl Of Soup This Season

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Winters are here and every shall be expecting from wherever they go, they should get served with something hot to get them warm. And soup is such a thing which should satiate your tastebuds and also help you survive your hunger pangas. Thus, we’ve brought you 5 places in Delhi from where you can get a hot bowl of soup.


1. Mainland China

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Mainland China is an Asian Restaurant serving varieties of Chinese Cuisine and has a large section for all the soup lovers. Try their duck meat soup, or Chinese cabbage thick soup, or even sweet corn clear soup.

Where | Greater Kailash

Price For Two | Rs. 1800 (approx.)


2. Mamagoto

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Another player in delivering the taste of Pan Asian cuisine. Serving Thai and Chinese food, this place is also best in serving soups like Chinese sour and pepper soup which are the recommendations. You can find this outlet across many places in Delhi.

Where | Multiple Outlets

Price For Two | Rs. 1700 (approx.)


3. Yum Yum Cha

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This Asian Restaurant cum Cafe has been added to the list because of their Shrimp and Tofu soup, also known as Miso soup, and for the love of sweet corn, yes they have a sweet corn soup too. You can also order dim sum or even sushi from this place for a good meal.

Where | Multiple Outlets

Price For Two | Rs. 1800 (approx.)


4. DalChini By Mandarin Court

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This is a Chinese and Indian restaurant located in Katwariya Sarai. Among many dishes, they also offer a fancy list of varieties of soups such as Chicken Asparagus Soup, Hot n Sour, Chicken Talumein Soup, and a lot more.

Where | Katwaria Sarai

Price For Two | Rs. 1300 (approx.)


5. Chew – Pan Asian Cafe


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If you’re in the search for a place situated at a nice location serving a variety of Chinese and Asian cuisine, then you must pay a visit to Chew. Situated in Connaught Place, this place serves a fusion of Asian cuisine and a lot of variety of soups for you to choose from.

Where | Connaught Place

Price For Two | Rs. 1700 (approx.)


6. Rockz N’ Rollz

This one is the most affordable one among all the above stated fine dining restaurant. Well, you can pick your order up from this place, serving whole Thai and Chinese Cuisine, among their different Thai soups, this is the Korean Hotpot which you need to try from this place, having poached eggs, noodles, and chicken pieces in it, this one-bowl can be a sure shot meal for one, which will surely make you warm.

Where | Sector 22, Dwarka

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Get warm in these cold chilly winter evenings with a taste of health!


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