Want To Dig Into Some Scrumptious Street Food In NOIDA? Check These 5 Places Out!

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We all are a fan of our street food and no matter how full we are, we have that small little place to grab some munchies from the street to eat while we go back home and if you’re searching for some good places to have the same street taste, then these 5 places are for you!


1. Atta Market

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In the first place comes this market in NOIDA where you can find different stalls of momos and chaat corners. We can’t assure you of utmost hygiene but this place has some chat places which offer a variety of chaat that no other shop can offer at that price. Go and have a look by yourself.

Where | Sector 27


2. Sector 18

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Sector 18 market has some serious business with food and corporate offices. You can see a lot of offices here and food businesses on the ground floor. You can have almost everything, from Kathi rolls to biryani and momos, this place has all that you need.


3. Brahmputra Market

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This is another market that serves all that you need. Feeling the craving of chat, north Indian, Chinese, or Mughlai? worry not as this place has got you covered! Going to this place in the evening just gives a different kind of vibe!

Where | Sector 29


4. Sector 29

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There’s a place with the name Kapoor’s Balle Balle situated in sector 29 and whoever has gone to this place has never forgotten their taste. They have a range of lip-smacking street food like chicken tikka, malai tikka, chicken changezi, Tawa chicken, and a lot more! Don’t forget to pay a visit to this place in sector 29.


5. Sector 34

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Sector 34 is the place where you can find many food spots and joints from where you can get delicious street food to grab. Places like Tikhi Gali and Love bites are there where you can find some hot and spicy momos and awesome burgers respectively.


Bottom Line

Enjoy wandering in NOIDA with a lot of food options to take on!


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