Wanna Try Authentic Bengali Food Here In Delhi? This Place Is Here To Fulfill Your Wish!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

From Kochupata Chigri Bhapa to Shukto to Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, every bong who has come here to Delhi would have gotten the flavour of all these culinary while taking their name and would have been surely missing it too. And to taste it just like the authentic one, Aami Bangali is here to serve you with!

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What To Expect

Get the just perfectly blended Bengali taste via their restaurant. You get every authentic Bengali dish, both veg and non-veg in their own traditional way, plated in Tamba Thali just to give you the same experience as if you’re in Bangal only!

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What You’ll Love

Every dish made in the traditional style without giving them an updated twist is what their USP is. You can try their Bengali Thali to have just savor all their special delicacies!


Bottom Line

This pujo, experience the authentic Bengali flavours here only!


Where | Aami Bangali, Chittaranjan Park

Price For Two | Rs. 850 (approx.)

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