Check Out These 7 Best Eateries Around Kamla Nagar To Dig In!

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Know It All In 30 Seconds

Kamla Nagar Market is a shopping spree point where everyone, especially the students of North Campus visit after their college to have their best time with friends. From shopping to having delicious food, you can all find it here in Kamla Nagar. Let’s see what all does Kamla Nagar has to offer us!


1. Chache Di Hatti

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Serving since 1958, Chache Di Hatti offers some drool-worthy chhole bhature to die for. You can find this place always occupied with 5-6 people waiting for their order, irrespective of what day it is!

Price For Two | Rs. 120 (approx.)


2. Bille Di Hatti

Bille Di Hatti

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If you’re in Kamla Nagar, then you surely need to try Bille Di Hatti’s Poori Chhole with a glass of Lassi. These people give piping hot crispy poori with chhole having aloo and kofte in it!

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


3. Tom Uncle Maggi Point

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Serving almost 50 kinds of Maggi, Tom Uncle is the place every DU student must have visited in their college days! You can get shakes, sandwiches, ice crusher, pasta, and a lot more!

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


4. Badri Prasad Ramesh Kumar Caterers

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Have some Kathi Kebab made from Soya Chunks and Paneer with some roomali roti at just 50/- per plate and you’ll come here again for it!

Price For Two | Rs. 150 (approx.)


5. Gopal Sweets Corner

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Gopal Sweets Corner is famous for its Bread Pakoda with Chhole and Bedmi Puri. Their Bread Pakoda has this really thick slice of paneer in it like no other place can give, making it their most selling dish!

Price For Two | Rs. 60 (approx.)


6. Sharma Kachori Wale

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If you want to have the best Khasta Kachori neat Kamla Nagar then Sharma Kachori is the place for you. Do come here as early as possible if you want to have this small crispy kachori with Chhole Ki Sabzi.

Price For Two | Rs. 60 (approx.)


7. Cocopots

cocopots kamla nagar, cocopots

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Best place to get your special someone on a coffee date or even your siblings for a sweet treat! This place serves some of the best flavours of pastries that everyone should die for!

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Your next Kamla Nagar food walk will surely be exciting with this list!

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