Wait, What?! This Upcoming Food Festival Has Yoga Sessions Waiting For You!

Yes, people! Even we were slightly taken aback when we heard that there’s a Yoga and Vegan Food Festival coming to town. But it’s very much real and we’re HUNGRY AF! In fact, for all those peeps who thought that maybe 2017 will be healthier, this fest is just the thing. And what better way to celebrate a healthy lifestyle but with two healthy lifestyle options?

30 Second Window:

  • Simply speaking, the fest is all about few very healthy and hungry things! At the fest you will get to attend Yoga session, check out some really cool stalls and workshops & listen to various speakers.
  • A vegan lifestyle excludes animal products such as meat, milk, dairy products, fur, leather, and other products which are tested on animals.
  • So, you can either enter the festival by paying a nominal sum of INR 100 or INR 500 at the gates! The former gives you full access to the festival – it’s Yoga session, stalls etc.
  • The latter fee gives you VIP access. Which means that if you wish to fast track your entry, INR 500 is all you need!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That if you so wish, shift to a healthier lifestyle. Attend and practice Yoga at the festival and learn from the best speakers on how to manage your diet, the Vegan way!

So, don’t forget to check out the deets here. And buy your tickets either at the event gates or here.

Location | Grih Kalyan Kendra, Samaj Sadan, Near Gole Market

When | 26th November

From | 10:00 am onward

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