Visit These Cafes & Restaurants In Gurgaon For A Drool-Worthy Meal

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For all the foodies who live in Gurgaon or happen to be there, we have just the thing you need! Great cafes which do not do a lot of damage to the pocket is the dream. So, here’s a list of some amazing cafes for your guide to Gurgaon!

1. Cafe Wanderlust

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With amazing decor and theme, this cosy cafe has a great menu and will only leave you happy with the service! Cafe Wanderlust is affordable and you should definitely head here.

2. C’est La Vie

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This cafe has great vibes and an amazing breakfast menu. C’est La Vie has an all-day breakfast menu and is a great place to grab pocket-friendly and yummy meal for a good brekkie!

3. Roots-Cafe in the park

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The ambience has a natural vibe to it and you would really feel fresh around here. Roots-Cafe in the park has an amazing seating and a very different menu. The French press coffee is a must-try!

4. Ami’s

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This gorgeous place has an elaborate menu with a special section for healthy food! Ami’s Cafe is known for the fresh food, good service and reasonable prices and you would definitely want to go there.

5. Guftagu Cafe

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Guftagu Cafe is a delight to be at, with the calm ambience and the live music! The menu is just as amazing, with Continental and Italian options. You need to try this place without a doubt!

6. Cafe Soul Garden

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The ambience of this place is perfect and the food options too! Cafe Soul Garden is worth the prices and you would want to go there a lot more than one time. Head here and try the Chicken Thai Curry!

7. Hamoni: Cafe By The Greens

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Hamoni: Cafe By The Greens is a great place for a Sunday Brunch or an outing with family or friends. Not only is it affordable but it has great options like Coffee Hazelnut, Cheese Balls, and Hot Chocolate!

8. Sandhouse Cafe

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A lovely spot for a great evening, this cafe has a beautiful space and a very nice menu. Sandhouse Cafe is best known for the Nutty Caramel Shake and Garden Pizza and you must-try them!

9. Cafe StayWoke

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Cafe StayWoke has a very nice breakfast menu and provides amazing service. The Beetroot Soup, Chilli Mojito, and Ravioli are a must-try for when you visit here!

10. The Joint Cafe

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This quaint cafe is an experience in itself. The Joint Cafe has a great menu, with breakfast options, and offers large portions. The Irish Cream Coffee and Meat Platter are a must-try!

11. Another fine day

another fine day

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This book cafe has all the right feels that you need to eat and read your favourite book at!

12. Greenr Cafe

Vegetarian Restaurants And Cafes DforDelhi

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As the name suggests, this cafe is completely attached to green food. Its an artsy and calm cafe where you can easily relax and spend a soothing time with your loved one.

13. Crepe-Fe (Multiple Locations)

Flavoured Crepe DforDelhi

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Get a delicate and delectable variety of crepes here. If you are someone who likes the taste of hazelnuts, then you must try the Hazelnut Crepe this cafe has. We are sure its taste will completely soothe your craving.

14. The Forestta

Nature DforDelhi
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This place is dedicated to nature. All of it is made keeping in mind the feel of nature and they offer multiple cuisines. It has a very beautiful entrance making its way to a lot of trees.

15. Burma Burma

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If you’re craving or wanting to try some Burmese food, then this has to be the place, without a doubt! Give it a visit for some rich delicacies!

Bottom Line

What better than some great cafes which to have a good time?

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