Visit These 5 Best Places In Ramesh Nagar To Stop Your Hunger Cravings!

ramesh nagar

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Street food is a kind of cuisine that everyone can find around every second street in Delhi. And Ramesh Nagar is no other different part of Saddi Dilli and therefore we bring you the 6 best places where you can dig into their best cuisine for a perfect meal!


1. Shah Ji Di Hatti

Shah ji di Hatti

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This place serves awesome tandoori Chaap, momos, and Chinese cuisines. Have their famous Paneer Tandoori Momos and you won’t forget the taste.

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


2. Pizza On Wheels

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This outlet now has owned quit gossip around the city. You can find many outlets of Pizza on Wheels in the city which serves some lip making cheesy pizzas with other options such as garlic bread and cheese baked kinds of pasta! Do try it once.

Price For Two | Rs. 250 (approx.)


3. Bahl’s Punjabi Chicken

Bahl's Chicken Shawarma

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You can find a good plate of Chicken Shawarma, Kathi Rolls, and to sway away your thirst, this place can also serve you cool Shikanji with your meal. Priced at 50/-, their shawarma is a good go-to meal!

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


4. Sant Khalsa

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A small vending shop which is very famous in the area serves piping hot sweet and crispy jalebi made in Desi Ghee and fritters of Palak, Gobhi, Paneer, Onion, and many more! A perfect place for a winter evening with Chai.


5. Heena Juice And Shakes

Heena Juice and Shakes

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Here you get this big glass of Mango Shake with dry fruits, tutti-fruity, and a scoop of ice cream garnished on top of it for a sweet chilled craving at the end of your food walk!

Price For Two | Rs. 100 (approx.)


Bottom Line

This is the Ramesh Nagar Street Food Guide for you!

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