Vehicle – Free Cp! Goodbye To The Hustle Bustle In Delhi’s Connaught Place

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We are quite aware of the versatile nature of Connaught Place that has to entertain all sorts of people. And this has some repercussions of heavy traffic, especially in peak hours. Well, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is planning to make CP a vehicle free market soon. so you can shop freely now, Woohoo!

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According to the strategy, vehicles will be forbidden to move into the inner circle of the place. Also, all the autos and cabs will be prohibited to enter the area.

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You can catch all the cabs and autos from the selected spots that connect middle and outer circle, Confused? Well, Traffic police consultants and NDMC security staff will be there to assist you to adjust with to the new setup.

So let’s cheers ourselves up for this new hustle-free CP.

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