Listen Up! Take A Step Towards A Healthy Lifestyle By Registering Yourself For This Vegan Conference In Town

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If you think that veganism is just about eating green and clean, then we probably need to correct you. Well, veganism is the purest form of lifestyle that one could go for! If you’re still dubious about this concept then we are asking you to attend this workshop RN! Vegan India Conference 2019 is coming to our city folks to give us some more deets about this not-so-common lifestyle.

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What You’ll Love?

A joint initiative by the World Vegan Organisation and Vegan First has a lot to deliver for your heart. These guys will throw a light on the veganism and related aspects. You’ll also be allowed to indulge in the in-depth workshop demos of vegan products.

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What To Expect?

Let these guys help you to step forward towards the journey of empathy. Also, you’ll be given info about the brands that deal in this compassionate culture of life. Who knows, you might start loving this lifestyle!

Bottom Line

Let the change capture you and what to say about the payoffs!

Where | The Suryaa New Delhi, Friends Colony West, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

When | Jul 06, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Location | Here

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