Grab Your Seats Cos’ Internet Sensation Varun Thakur Is Coming To Gurugram With His Acidic Humor

Know It All In 30 Seconds

The renowned internet sensation Varun Thakur is coming your town to give you those ultimate laughter gigs. So, all the peeps in the house fasten up your belts and head to this awesome laughter session now!

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What To Expect?

He has taken over platforms like Snapchat and Facebook with his acidic self-deprecatory humor, making fun of all the CCD-frequenting struggling actors based out of Lokhandwala. He is also the co-founder of SnG Comedy, a popular comedy collective that has amassed 470000 subscribers and 61 million views, the comedian has been selling out shows and venues with his hour-long comedy special, Vicky This Side, Varun That Side. Excited?

What You’ll Love?

Varun has also anchored shows on MTV and is now coming near you to tickle your bones. Excited much? So, don’t miss this opportunity and dash to his long comedy session now!

comedian- varun thakur

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Bottom Line

Rush to this club in Gurugram to have an amah-zing evening guyss!

Where | V Club, Gurugram

When | August 30, 8:30 PM

Tickets | Here

Location | Here

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