Learn The Celebrated Language Of Urdu At This Weekend Workshop

Know It All In 30 Seconds

While we’re all too caught up in Bonjour and Hola, we often tend to ignore the beautiful language of our very own subcontinent! From Ghalib to Akbar Allahabadi, from literature to cinema – Urdu as a language conveys the most fragile and vulnerable emotions in the most enchanting manner! Karvaan India presents ‘Urdu Hai Jiska Naam’, a weekend programme that’ll help you to speak, read and write the celebrated language of Urdu!

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What To Expect?

You’ll learn about the brief history of Urdu, have an opportunity to build your vocabulary and understand Urdu grammar. The course will also keep track of your progress through assessments!

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What You’ll Love?

You’ll even have the opportunity to write, read and recite your own self-written Urdu songs! And, it’ll not be your regular, boring language course. You’ll be taught using a unique blend of literature, cinema and technology!

Bottom Line

From proclamations of love to the deep sorrows of the heart, Urdu connects directly to the soul. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn this beguiling language!

When | July 19,10 AM – 1 PM

Where | Karvaan India, Ghaffar Manzil, Lane 1

Tickets | Buy Here

Location | Here

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