Good Food And Urdu Shayari. Give Yourself A Nice Evening At This Cafe

Dining out can sometimes be a little annoying especially with the background music that f-ups the conversations. Valentine’s Day is almost here. Are you googling places to take your date for a nice calm evening? If your partner is a foodie who loves Urdu Shayari, this is the perfect place for you.

urdu shayari

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What To Expect?

Guftagu has created a niche of its own with the flamboyant floral interiors and some soothing poetries. This place is more about vibes and ambiance than about food. It will take you to a utopian land once you step in that place. From wooden chairs, creepers beside your seating cushions to amazing talents performing live in front of you, this place will calm your demons and help you enjoy bliss away from this chaotic monotonous life.

What You’ll Love?

You can enjoy some delicious palates of salads and appetizers. Fall in love with their innovative twist to the bruschettas and the subtle boiled eggs and samosas. Chicken nuggets were tender and best enjoyed with a warm cup of filter coffee with tunes ringing in your ear. They have musicians who will take you on a shayarani tour with their music. They have taken the unplugged version of songs to a whole new level.

urdu shayari

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Bottom Line

Go there to spend a chill eve amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where | Guftagu Cafe, DLF Phase 2

Price for  Two | ₹500

Location | Here

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