Learn The Intricacies Of Urban Farming & Enjoy Organic Veggies At Home


Having your own kitchen garden is a dream come true for those of us who enjoy cooking. You know what a world of difference fresh ingredients make, as opposed to canned, and pre-packed ones. How often do you get to learn something so amazing like urban farming! A crash course on how to grow your own veggies in your own backyard. Edible routes are hosting the most amazing urban farming workshop.

What To Expect At Urban Farming?

An intensive, practical two-day course covering the entire cycle of urban farming, tips for designing your own kitchen garden, and helping you live organic. This two days intensive course will equip you with the skills required to transform your balcony, terrace or ground into a source of health and nutrition – as well as a source of joy and happiness! Through practical work on a one-acre permaculture farm you will learn the whole cycle of urban farming: from sowing, planting, through weeding, fertilizing, and pest management, to harvesting, and composting.

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What You’ll Love About Urban Farming?

Through small practical projects, you will understand how to design your terrace, create the potting mix you need, and chose the companion plants which will keep your plants happy and healthy – basically everything you need to go homegrown. The takeaways from this workshop are huge. Apart from skills, you will get to meet and network with fellow gardening enthusiasts, the opportunity to do farming in a ‘khet’, and above all, you get to take home two pots – one seeded and one sapling for you to apply those skills on! How cool!

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Bottom Line

Staying healthy begins at home and what’s better than eating organic vegetables that were grown without the use of harsh chemicals. Isn’t that motivating to cook and keep a healthy lifestyle!

When | 19-20 January; 10 AM

Where | Aali Farm, Near Kalindi Kunj Metro Station

Location | Click Here 

Tickets | Click Here

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