World Famous, Uno Chicago Bar And Grill Has Opened Its 1st India Outlet Here

Uno Chicago Bar And Grill in Gardens Galleria offers the meanest bunch of deep dish pizza! In fact, the world famous brand is the pioneer of the deep dish pizza with truckloads of cheese. Wow we’re feeling so spoilt for choice [for real]!

What to expect at Uno Chicago Bar And Grill in Gardens Galleria

So, you can sit down here and share a slice of pizza. Although we wouldn’t recommend sharing ’em, ’cause they’re worth getting into a fist fight! 😛

Imagine chowing down a regular 7″ pizza with BBQ roasted mushrooms & just drooling out cheese. Every pizza lover’s dream innit?

Photo Courtesy | Dr Glutton

Uno Chicago Bar And Grill offers Individual & Regular sized pizzas that are 7″ & 10″ big respectively. Our recommendations would be:

  1. Farmer’s Market – caramleized onions, spinach etc.
  2. Cheese & Tomato – exactly what it sounds like 😛
  3. Numero Uno – sausage, pepperoni, onions etc.
  4. Prima Pepperoni – extra pepperoni [period!]

All their pizzas pack a punch of cheesy overload with toppings that range across 26 options!

Whhhhhhat we love about Uno Chicago Bar And Grill in Gardens Galleria

Ain’t nothing like pairing a cheesy pizza with crispy chicken wings or Sauteed Broccoli!! You can order their signature deep dish pizza or a super thin crust pizza like Chicago West Loop & Mex-It-Up!

Basically, the thin crusts come with the chef’s fave combos and an extra drizzle of flavours on top. Nothing to hate and everything our heart goes la la about!

Photo Courtesy | Saptarshi Deb

Bottom Line

Clap your hands together if you wanna try the world’s best pizza?

Where | Gardens Galleria Mall, Shop FB 104, Ground Floor, Sector 38, Noida

Price For Two | INR 1,200

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