Theatrical Representation Of The Very Famous ‘Umrao Jaan’ Is Happening In The City!

Umrao Jaan DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Theatreleela Acting Studio based in Delhi bringing the aspiring actors and performers out and providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. They have been doing amazing plays and acts which have left people spellbound. Witness their magic while they enact ‘Umrao Jaan’ in front of you!

Umrao Jaan DforDelhi
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What To Expect?

If you still haven’t got the hang of who Umrao Jaan was and what is the play based on let us ring some bells, remember the evergreen song ‘dil kya cheez hai aap meri jaan lijiye’? This song is from the same movie. This beautiful story is going to be enacted on stage with more of dance, poetry, love and romance and it will be magical. Most of all Umrao Jaan is one play which embarks on the life of prostitutes and how society makes it miserable for them to live. Umrao Jaan is a play adapted from the Umrao Jaan Ada which is the Urdu novel.

Umrao Jaan DforDelhi
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What You’ll Love?

Watch the great actors perform this versatile play by adding magic into it. Umrao Jaan, while we watched on TV gave us so many goosebumps and now watching it live would be full of emotions and different feelings as well.

Umrao Jaan DforDelhi
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Bottom Line

Make it a throwback kinda Saturday evening when you binge-watch and relive the old days watching it in a theatre!

When | 7:30 PM, 30th November 2019

Where | Shri Ram Centre,  4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Todermal Road Area, Mandi House, New Delhi

Location | Here 

Book Your Tickets | Here 

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