Try These 7 Different Things You Can Only Enjoy In ‘Dilli Ki Sardi’ & Nowhere Else!

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You’ve must have listened or heard ‘Dilli ki sardi me kuch alag hi baat h’ phrase from every 3rd Delhiite wandering on the streets of Delhi, and we approve of that. Our Delhi’s winter has some different kind of magic that no other place can provide you. As September approaches, so does the excitement for winters get generated, and we’re going to suggest you 7 different things you must try in Delhi this season!


1. Enjoy Some Winter Sunshine With Lush Green

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What can be more beautiful and soothing than a walk in any of the fabulous parks with the mesmerizing environment in Delhi? Yes, you can go to Deer Park, or Lodhi garden and have a walk with your loved one in the warm sunlight on a winter morning or even evening.


2. Shop Your Winter Wardrobe From Local Markets

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The September-October month in Delhi is somewhat a confusing month in case of what to wear, as Delhi’s winter is not that cold to wear big bulky jackets and sweaters and not that low to wear nothing at all, for health sake! So this is the perfect time you can go for light jackets and sweaters which you can shop from many local markets such as Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Karol Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, and many more places.


3. Have Masala Chai

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Winter and Chai have the ultimate relationship that no person can deny. You can find many good places where you can have different variety of chai, and also the now popular, ‘tandoori chai’, which can be a good option to enjoy Dilli ki Sardi.


4. Dig Into Some Hot Steamy Momos

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Momos? Yes, why not? A hot plate of steamy momos with that spicy chutney and a winter evening, the best feeling of Delhi is this, my boy! Head over to one of the many places serving some hot juicy momos like Dolma Aunty, Dilli Haat, and feel it yourself!


5. Boat Ride On Yamuna Ghat

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You can also take a boat ride on the Yamuna banks and just feel how every second passes by you around. A simple boat ride would definitely help you open your mind and make you feel lighter!


6. Wander On The Streets Of Old Delhi

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Chandni Chowk is the one and the only place where you get all the flavours of Delhi at once! Not kidding, this place can be the favourite one for every generation whatsoever. From shopping to eating the junkies on the street, Chandni Chowk won’t let you down!


7. Cycling On Delhi Roads

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Cycling can be another option you can do in winters in Delhi, cuz being healthy is also important, and cycling can be both entertaining, keep you fit, and you’ll be able to roam around Delhi. You can also take Yulu bikes from different spots if you want to cycle but don’t have one!


Bottom Line

WInters can be more fun in these ways!


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