#TrendingNews From This Week Every Delhiite Should Know About!

#TrendingNews From This Week Every Delhiite Should Know About!

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One of the things that we love about Delhi is the fact that it never fails to surprise us. In fact, with the number of events taking place in the city, along with the news being circulated about pollution and Odd-Even, here’s everything you need to know about things that happened in the past few days!

I. Pollution Rise In The City

Delhi’s air quality in the last few days worsened so much that the air quality has reached the hazardous level! In fact, sources say that levels of fine pollutants known as PM 2.5 – the most harmful to health reached 703.

Read more about it here.

II. 10 IMFL Drinks & Beer For INR 499

Sure, you might have heard this a million times before but, in all honesty, when was the last time you ordered 10 IMFL drinks (including beer) that only cost you INR 499? Never right?

Read more about it here.

III. Book Donation Camp

Select CITYWALK is hosting a donation drive for the underprivileged and at-risk children of Delhi. Children who cannot buy the school, fiction and non-fiction books for themselves.

Read more about it here.

IV. Odd-Even Rule Comeback

The last few days have been a horrific example of how polluted the city has become. And so, to curb the need to travel in cars and to reduce the pollution level, the Delhi Government has decided to kick off the Odd-Even rule again.

V. Don’t Be A Window Shopper, Shop & Win Vouchers Worth 1 Lakh

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all could win amazing vouchers worth 1 lakh just for shopping our hearts out? And now, it’s not even a dream for us shopping freaks!

Read more about it here.

VI. 40+ Food Brands, 11 Artists All Under One Roof

From 11 kickass artists to 40 delicious food brands, an amazing quirk bazaar and these 3 days will light up your weekend.

Read more about it here.

VII. More Than 5 Music Concerts Coming To Town

This winter is gonna be LIT af and with 5 upcoming music concerts, there’s no reason for you to head for a getaway! From Kygo to Vidya Vox and Nucleya, these 5 music festivals will drive you nuts.

Read more about it here.

VIII. Beer For INR 11, Pitchers For INR 349 & Towers For INR 449

Hold up, people! Sorry, we meant hold on to something because your Mondays will never be the same again! This cafe in Gurgaon is giving beer for just INR 11 every Monday till the end of November!

Read more about it here.

IX. Hookah Banned In Delhi

Delhi Government has banned the sale of hookah in the city across all restaurants, hotels and cafes. According to the new rule that was first proposed in May – hookah cannot be sold in smoking and non-smoking zones.

Read more about it here.

X. International House of Pancakes Announces Its Delivery System

Whether it’s early in the morning or late in the evening, get ready to hog your favourite pancakes sitting in bed. 6 types of pancakes that never seem to grow old, we’re loving the flavours IHOP serves. And we want them all!

Read more about it here.

So, more than anything, isn’t this list apt for you to plan your weekend?

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