Trees Getting QR Coded In Delhi! Simply Scan The Code To Know The Inside Out Of Any Tree

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Wanna find out the age of a tree? Ditch the old way of counting rings ‘coz New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is all set to digitalize tree data by assigning QR codes to 4000 trees in the city.

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Scan the QR code and unlock oodles of info.’ bout a tree like the age of the tree, it’s location, it’s medicinal uses, it’s scientific name, it’s oxygen releasing capacity and many more. The scanned tree data will also detect the status of the tree, whether its healthy or diseased, or if it needs a replacement.

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NDMC is geared up to start a tree census next month and geo-tag each tree for tracking it better. QR codes have already been allotted to 100 offbeat tree species in Lodhi garden.

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An app has been proposed to be launched by the end of six months by accumulating all these details. The GPS locations of these trees will make it easier for the NDMC officials to instantly take care of tree damages during the rainy season.

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So, it’s time to open the tree scanner and know your green mates to the core!

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